Monday, August 11, 2014

Check Out Schwan's Home Service!

For over 60 years, Schwan's Home Service has provided superior frozen foods with convenient home delivery. Our foods are flash frozen at the peak of freshness and flavor. Choose from USDA Choice meats, wild-caught seafood, flavorful skillet meals, Grade A fruits and vegetables, plus our heritage ice cream, distinctive desserts and much more.

We offer delicious foods to satisfy everyone, including family members with special dietary needs including:

- No gluten ingredients
- Vegetarian
- No sugar added
- Heart healthy
- Low calorie
- Low sodium choices

Schwan's offers weekly specials, coupons, online hot deals and new customer special offers. Join the Schwan's Rewards program and earn 5% back on every online purchase, to be used on a future order. 

100% Guarantee! Love It or Return It! If you're unsatisfied one of our products - for any reason - we will gladly replace it or provide a refund.

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Disclaimer- Free Product for this post. I was not compensated with money, but a gift card for this post.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jack's Birthday Bash!

We are in full celebration mode for the month of June. Our little 7 lb 12 oz baby is now going to be a year old and that means our blog is ready to rock and roll with a month long party!

We will be writing tons of reviews for our birthday bash and if your company is interested please contact us by email or simply by replying to the posting. Our email address is

I am looking forward to getting this party started on June 1st and can not wait to celebrate with each of you by holding lots of giveaways!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Family Affair Book Review

I do not often write book reviews because I feel that I am not the best at them, but this one stood out from when I was first offered the opportunity.

A Family Affair  is available on in print or Kindle edition, but I had the great opportunity to review this book in hand paperback.

A Family Affair begins by showcasing the life of a dancer who is drawn in by a wealthy foreign prince. Trish is draw in by this prince, but as much as everyone wants to believe going into a totally different world of wealth is not as easy as it sounds and Trish had to make many adjustments. Being down to earth had its trials and tribulations when entering a kingdom of richness.

This book kept me interested because Trish never gave up on the love of her family much like some people often forget where they come from, Trish never did. Her family and friend relationships stayed true to herself.

If you are looking for a book that is very hard to put down, grab this one!!!

*Disclaimer* I was sent this book for review without compensation from SpaWeek. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Apparel N Bags Rucksack Review

This awesome Rucksack from Apparel n Bags was an absolute lifesaver at a local Easter Egg Drop event that we took our son to. I will have some pictures from that later in the post, but for now lets get to this great bag review!
This bag helped us to carry food and other things our son needed that day so that we did not have to pack a huge picnic basket. I stuffed it pretty full with drinks, food and other fun snacks. Also added in the information that we needed that day to help us to figure out the days events.
This bag was not tough on my back, even when carrying our 26 pound son on my hip. This bag saved us a ton of time so that we did not have to make a lot of trips back and forth to our truck through the crowds of people that were there.
This sack was not only comfortable and great to use, but also affordable. 
GUESS WHAT! Apparel N Bags is allowing Southern Saving Sisters to give away a $25 gift card to their online store! With this card you can own one of these bags!!

Check out the pics from the event we attended and also enter to win below!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer* I was sent the above mentioned product free of charge for an honest review. I was not compensated for this review.

Lug Life Product Review

 Lug Life offers a great line of bags for any occasion, including the 2 that I am going to write about below. 

This Pedals Lunch Tote is a great size to pack any lunch. 
A little personal story about this bag and our family. We love to picnic and take our son to outdoor events.
I packed food the night before an outing and we were ready to go bright and early.
I made sandwiches and packed them in the bag right before we left the house, which was at 6:30 AM. The sandwiches were still cold at 2 PM. This is amazing considering the outdoor temperatures were not cold by any means here last week. We had days reach near 80. So, these sandwiches complete with some mayo were amazingly fresh and not soggy thanks to this bag!

Next we got to try this awesome Compass Shoulder Bag which is a pouch style bag that has a great pocket on the outside. I am the type of mom that rarely carries a purse these days as I tend to toss everything into the diaper bag. Having a great shoulder bag like this helps that issue, since it is very easy to get into a habit of relying on a diaper bag to carry everything under the sun. We had a formula spill recently and a few things that were important to me got ruined, so having this shoulder bag promotes me to carry my personal belongings separate from Jack's things. I like this style simply because it is a cross body style, so I do not have to worry about it slipping off of my shoulder, but instead I can just reach in and grab something.

Lug Life offers tons of great products and I wish I could showcase them all on this blog simply because I feel that they all fit our lifestyle to a tee. This company has great customer service and definitely gets 5 stars from Southern Saving Sisters!!

*Disclaimer* I was sent the above mentioned products free of charge in exchange for an honest product review. I was not compensated for this review. Review

So this past winter was a real bull around here. We NEVER have as many snow days or cold days as we had... ok maybe not never, but it seems better to think we never have that many. Central Virginia took a real beating, but I am grateful that I had this awesome hat and scarf from
Excuse the messy bathroom mirror selfie, but this hat just seemed to call for it. It was comfortable along with not being too bulky for wearing all day, which I did. This also covered up a very bad hair day, so all in all a great product! This hat/scarf combo made its appearance at our Valentine's Day dinner and while it was snowing outside, I was nice and warm when getting in and out of the car. features tons of amazing products at affordable prices. This piece was only $16.19 for the set which I find to be a great deal. They also have lots of clearance items, stuff for babies, children and even a special under $5 spot.

Thanks for helping a bad hair day and for offering great products that are not only high quality but affordable.

*Disclaimer* I was sent the above mentioned product free of charge in exchange for an honest product review. I was not compensated for this review.

Gorton's Southern Style Artisan Review

We were SO very lucky to be a part of a program through Gorton's that allowed us to try out a brand new type of fish. These Artisan Southern Style recipe fish fillets were amazing.

We are big fans of fish in this house anyway, but this is an added spin to something we already love. Even out 10 month old tasted and approved of these fillets. They baked evenly, were just crispy enough and when added with some fresh steamed veggies and french fries this was an awesome week night meal when we did not have a lot of extra time to cook.

So, lets get down to the real facts about these fish fillets:

  • This is an authentic recipe with Southern spices and a corn coating. Yes, corn coating, just like my Grandma used on her fish when I was growing up!
  • These fillets are ONLY 170 calories each, so they are not taking up all of your daily calories in one meal.
  • The best part of all, especially since our son ate these with us-- No MSG, fillers, artificial colors or flavors have been added to these fillets. That's right guys, all real ingredients! 
I would love to give one lucky winner an awesome pack of goodies from Gorton's so this is a simple flash giveaway! The first person to email me at with their name, address, phone number and a confirmation of their email address will get this great prize that includes the most amazing small wooden cutting board and some coupons for great Gorton's products including the one mentioned above.

*Disclaimer* I received free products in exchange for an honest review of the above mentioned products. I was not compensated for this review.